Humble beginnings

The company was established in 1963 by the late Andreas G. Kannavas in Limassol. Andreas G. Kannavas, was an entrepreneurial and brave young man that even though he was only 20 years old at the time he decided to start his own business. He imported paints from the U.K and using his bike delivered them around the city of Limassol. The company was a great success and a few years later, the company grew, launched paint shops and imported well-known brands such as Hadrian, Macpherson, Permoglaze, Johnstone’s from the U.K., Hasco from the Netherlands, and the world-famous Red Devil Inc. from the U.S.A.


In 1977, after having substantial years of experience in the paint industry, a manufacturing unit was launched where paints would be produced in house. The manufacturing of interior, exterior and waterproofing paints began with great success putting Kannavas Paintshops at the top of the industry amongst professional painters and do-it-yourselfers by consistently producing high-quality paint as well as delivering great service.


In 1995 Andreas G. Kannavas passed away and his eldest son George A. Kannavas at the age of 25 took over the management of the company with the help of his brother Savvas and sister Elena. A challenge that was accepted by the family that in the upcoming years were not only able to maintain the legacy of Andreas G. Kannavas but improve it by growing the company even bigger within the upcoming years. The Kannavas name became synonymous with quality for ecological paints, varnishes, tools as well as insulation materials, something that we worked extremely hard to maintain. The new era meant that wholesale and retail sales were available and two new brands have been added to the existing palette: United Gilsonite Laboratories from the U.S.A. and Chrotex from Greece.


Kannavas Paintshops Today.

Today, Kannavas Paintshops is still a privately owned family business which specializes in manufacturing, importing and exporting paints. We are the representatives in Cyprus of world known brands such as Red Devil Inc (Onetime® Lightweight Spackling) and United Gilsonite Laboratories (DRYLOK®, ZAR®). We deliver all over Cyprus in-house manufactured paints custom made to your needs and specifications.

What do we believe in?

 In sustainability therefore we offer ecological colours with high quality standards at reasonable prices.Technical support is an integral part of our customer service therefore we can advise you and help you if required on choices you make.After-sales support and always being close to every customer with sincerity, integrity and responsibility.

Our aim is to understand every customer’s unique needs, deliver the best services and products the market has to offer and supply you with suitable products and help fulfill your needs. We have been in the paint industry for more than 50 years and we have continuously focused on innovation, high-quality services and understanding what our customers need.